Based on the simplicity of video games from the 1980s

Ducker is a unique road crossing game where you have to try and progress through forever increasingly difficult obstacles while saving your baby ducks, simple! Collect the coins and unlock new animals. You can play as either Ducker or Doggie, but we have some new animals coming soon.

Every animal has a unique ability, Ducker can swim through water as fast and he can run over land. As you unlock each new charactor their special abilities will be revealed!

There are many different obsticles to avoid, including:

  • Rivers with logs and duck eating crockadiles to avoid.
  • Roads with cars, trucks and other vehicles to try and squash you.
  • Train tracks which you must watch out for the warning lights if you wish to avoid the fast moving trains.

You can also collect special coins which speed up or slow down Ducker and help you avoid the being squashed.